Kapil is a once-in-a century cricketer, can not be compared with anyone, says Gavaskar

Gavaskar on Hardik Pandya's comparison with Kapil Dev

For a long time, Team India’s young all-rounder Hardik Pandya was compared to Kapil Dev. Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar broke the silence on this. Little Master has pronounced the comparison of both as rubbish. Gavaskar said that Kapil is a cricketer born in a hundred years and can not be compared to anyone.

When asked about the habit of some experts to compare these two cricketers, Gavaskar did not seem to be impressed at all. Visibly agitated Gavaskar called this comparison rubbish.

The batting legend little master told to Aaj Tak “Kapil Dev should not be compared with anyone. He is not just a once-in-generation player but a once-in-a century cricketer just like Sir Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar. We should not compare him with anyone.

Displeased Gavasker on Dhawan 

Gavaskar is also unhappy with the attitude of opener Shikhar Dhawan in the long format. This Delhi player played 26 and 13 runs in the first Test in Birmingham.

Gavaskar said, “Shikhar does not want to make any change in his game.”

“He believes in playing in the same manner which has brought him success till now. You can still get away with such shots in one-day cricket because there aren’t many slips and the push or the edge goes for a boundary through the slip cordon,” little master added.

“But in Tests, such shots will only result in a fall of wicket. Till a player makes a mental adjustment, he will continue to struggle against the red ball in overseas conditions,” He concluded on Shikhar.



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