4 bowlers who have most often dismissed Virat Kohli in ODIs

Most often dismissed Kohli. Indian captain Virat Kohli, who recently scored his 38th ODI century against the West Indies, is currently the world’s best batsman. To reach the record of Sachin Tendulkar’s 49 ODI centuries, he needs only 11 more centuries. Looking at his formidable form at present, it seems that he will become the batsman to score the most century in ODI history next year.

Virat is out of the way for the opposition bowlers and every bowler in the world tries a lot to take his wicket. In such a situation, it would be very interesting to know about the bowlers who were most often dismissed him in ODIs.

So let’s look at 4 bowlers who have most often dismissed Virat Kohli:

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