5 Bowlers who were the fastest to Reach 100 ODI Wickets

Fastest to Reach 100 ODI Wickets  There’s no better feeling for a bowler than reaching 100 wickets in One Day Internationals. While a batsman to likes to score a century with his bat, a bowler relishes a century of wickets against his name no matter what the format is.

While limited overs cricket is generally known to be a format dominated by batsmen, we have had the privilege of seeing some exceptional bowlers in over eras who have kept the competitive spirit of cricket alive. 

If it wasn’t for these bowlers then cricket would have seemed monotonous being just a batsman’s game but these great bowlers made sure that the battle between the bat and the ball is fierce at all times.

So, let us see as to who is the fastest to Reach 100 ODI Wickets

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