5 most Astonishing Bowling Records in IPL History

Bowling Records in IPL. Once batting was considered as the most entertaining aspect in the cricket but now in modern day cricket, this myth has been broken. Now the bowlers have the equal control in the match as batsmen. Many great spells are bowled by bowlers in IPL History. Even on many occasions, it is noticed that in big stages of the game, the main bowlers are the key to win the match. This fact also suits Super Over.

The hat-trick ball, the maiden over in power play, the slower bouncers in middle overs and the toe-crusher yorkers in the death overs have the ultimate nail-biting excitement. The bowling also has the equal fun in IPL.

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So let’s have a look at 5 most astonishing bowling records in the previous 10 years of the Indian Premier League.

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