All is not well in Team India

Team India
Team India

Murali Vijay and Karun Nair were not included in Team India for the two-match Test series against the West Indies, after which there has been a row of controversy in Indian cricket. Vijay’s performance was not good on the England tour, but Karun Nair did not get the chance to play a single match.

This matter is getting long now and it seams that all is not well in team India an management. Former players are continuously raising fingers on captain and coach of Team India.

However, players said that no one communicated with them. Some players said on condition of anonymity that there was no communication between the selection committee and the players.

The source said, “someone is not speaking the truth here. Now, both players and selectors are not right. If the BCCI or COA is to understand the matter, then they should sit with the captain, coach, senior cricketers and selectors and listen to everyone’s favor. This will make it clear that who is lying and who is saying the truth.”

Lake of communication in players and selectors of Team India

However, the report said that there was no communication and relative conversation between the selectors and the players. Rohit Sharma, Karun Nair and Murali Vijay were not told the reason why they were excluded from the team.

Let you tell that, Team India is currently preparing for the second Test against West Indies. After this, the Indian team will play a five-match ODI series and three T20 Internationals against the Caribbean team.


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