Amelia Kerr Becomes the Highest Individual Run Scorer in the Women’s Cricket History

Amelia Kerr made a world record in the third ODI between New Zealand and Scotland in women’s cricket. Amelia is now the highest individual run scorer in the women’s cricket history. The 17-year-old Amelia broke a 21-year-old world record by playing an unbeaten 232 in this match.

In 1997, Australia’s Belinda Clark scored an unbeaten 229. Since then it was the highest individual score made by any player in women’s cricket. But the 17-year-old Amelia now holds this record.

Amelia faced 145 balls during this glorious innings. During this innings, Amelia scored 31 boundaries and two sixes. It’s noteworthy that this is the only second double century in Women’s ODI cricket.

Thanks to Amelia’s excellent innings, New Zealand made history by crossing the 400 mark in the third match in a row. In the two previous matches played in this series, the Kiwi team also scored more than 400 runs. It’s notable that this also a world record.

Another World Record:

No men’s team has been able to score 400 runs in two consecutive matches. But the New Zealand women have done this for the third consecutive time. Earlier, New Zealand scored 490 in the first match of the series against Ireland and 418 in the second match.

In the women’s ODIs, the 400+ score has been scored just 5 times. The most amazing thing is that 4 times have been done by the New Zealand team. The other one 400+ score is made by Australia.

On the other hand, Una Raymond Hoye scored 43 runs for the most for Ireland. In the third consecutive match, Ireland had to face defeat by more than 300 runs. New Zealand managed to clean sweep on Ireland by winning all the 3 match of the ODI series.

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