Babar Azam equals legendary Zaheer Abbas to reach 2000 ODI runs

Babar Azam, who is called Virat Kohli of Pakistan, has completed 2000 runs in ODI against Hong Kong in the second match of Asia Cup 2018. He was the second fastest batsman in the world to reach the 2000 runs.

As Babar scored his 27th run against Hong Cong today, he reached the figure of 2000 runs. Although he could not break South African star opener Hashim Amla’s record. Where Amla had crossed the 2000 run score in 40 innings, Babar had to take 45 innings for this. He scored 33 runs against Hong Kong.

Babar is the third batsman to score 2000 runs in 45 innings. Before him, Pakistan’s great batsman Zaheer Abbas and England’s Kevin Pietersen have also scored 2000 runs in just 45 innings. Apart from these, Jonathan Trott of England crossed this figure in 47 innings.

There is also the name of Shikhar Dhawan in this list from India, who had done this in 48 innings. Former India coach and South African opener Gary Kirsten scored two thousand runs in his ODI career in 50 innings.

Babar Azam has scored 2006 runs in 45 innings of his 47 ODI in his career so far. Along with it, he has also scored 8 centuries and 7 half-centuries. In his small career, Babar has scored runs with a brilliant average of 54.

Fastest Batsmen to reach 2000 runs 

  1. Hashim Amla – 40 innings
  2. Zaheer Abbas – 45 innings
  3. Kevin Peitersen – 45 innings
  4. Babar Azam – 45 innings
  5. Jonathan Trott – 47 innings
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