BCCI Ruled Out ICC’s Request to Reschedule One KKR Match at Kolkata

New Delhi. The Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in India again proved its superiority over International Cricket Council (ICC). BCCI on Sunday declined the request of ICC to reschedule one KKR match in April at Kolkata. Actually, ICC is gathering in Kolkata along with it’s all members for their Annual Board Meeting between April 22 – 26.

ICC has organized an annual meeting in Kolkata with all of its permanent and associate countries. This is after a long time that ICC has organized such a big annual meeting. This meeting is a high profile meeting and ICC wanted that since it’s the duration of IPL 2018, so all of its members could at least watch an IPL match at Kolkata.

Kolkata is the home ground of Kolkata Knight Riders. So KKR match had to be rescheduled for this meeting. But BCCI denied doing that. BCCI also provide a valid reason for doing that.SO now ICC’s member delegates will have to visit these venues to watch any IPL match during their meeting period.

There is no match at the ground of Eden Gardens Kolkata between April 17 to May 2. KKR will play their last home match of the month on April 16 and next match will be played in next month on May 3rd. All IPL matches during April 22 to 26 will be played in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore, Bangalore and Jaipur. This was the reason for ICC’s request for rescheduling the IPL program.

A senior BCCI official informed “Yes, there was a specific request from ICC as they wanted it’s various member delegates to watch an IPL game. However, between April 22 and 26, there are no home games of KKR at the Eden Gardens”.

“If we have to reschedule it, the entire itinerary would be in a disarray. So we told them that it’s not possible to have an IPL match rescheduled,” the senior official added to the reason for denying the ICC’s request.

Earlier, this high profile annual meeting of ICC was to be held in Mumbai, but to avoid political issues against the attendance of the Chairmen of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in the meeting it is now being held in Kolkata instead of Mumbai. However, there are still some issues regarding his visa.

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