ICC Rejected Dinesh Chandimal’s Appeal against the Ban Due to Ball-Tampering

ICC Rejected Dinesh Chandimal’s Appeal. Sri Lankan captain Dinesh Chandimal will not be part of the third and final day-night Test against West Indies in Barbados. Because the appeal against the ICC’s decision to ban him for a match in the ball-tampering case has been dismissed.

In fact, the ICC said in its statement on Saturday, “Judicial Commission chief Michael Beloff has rejected Chandimal. In fact, he was found guilty of tampering the ball on the second day of the second Test at St. Lewis.”

It is worth noting that Chandimal has sentenced to a match ban on the ICC clause 41.3 violation. Chandimal had alleged that during the second Test against the West Indies, he was trying to tamper the ball through jelly. He appealed against this decision and ICC Rejected Dinesh Chandimal’s Appeal.

The Complete Issue:

On the third day of the match, umpire Aleem Dar and Ian Gould demanded the replacement of the ball from the guest team as the umpires were not satisfied with the condition of the ball. The umpire said that the conditions of the ball were not good and it was tampered on the second day of the match.

Angry by the demand for change of the ball, Sri Lankan players refused to come to the ground. After a discussion with match Raferee Javagal Srinath they had landed for two hours late on the field.

4 demerit points were added to their disciplinary record after ball-tampering. It was shown in the TV footage that Dinesh Chandimal took something out of his pocket. After a few seconds chewing and swallowing it, he spat some on his finger and tried to polish the ball with that saliva.

The Final Hearing:

However, Sri Lankan captain Dinesh Chandimal had denied the allegations of ball-tampering and appealed against the ban. However, the final hearing on this whole case will be done on July 10. If he is found guilty, then he may be out of the domestic series against South Africa.

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