Important Role of Legendary Rahul Dravid in Indian Cricket Nursery

Rahul Dravid, often known as ‘The Wall’ has been a great asset for Indian cricket. His contribution to Indian cricket as a player, a captain and as a mentor goes beyond excellence. When a young Rahul Dravid made his debut in 1996 against Sri Lanka, no one knew that he would transform Indian cricket for the better. His elegance, however, always remained understated. 

After his retirement from international cricket in 2012, Dravid did not stop from serving Indian Cricket. He dedicated himself to the tough task of grooming young talents who dream to play for India. If there was ever a man who was perfect for grooming young Indian cricketers with diligence, it was only him. The young boys could not have found a better guiding light than ‘Mr Dependable.’ 

We very recently saw how Team India authoritatively won the U-19 World Cup in New Zealand. No prizes for guessing who the coach was! Rahul Dravid’s boys played cricket of a different league in the U-19 World Cup and made the entire nation proud. More than anyone else the nation would always be thankful to Rahul Dravid for filling our hearts with proud and joy by bringing the U-19 World Cup 2018 home.

Overseas Batting Consultant 

The story of many great Indian batsmen struggling overseas is cliched by now. How often we have seen that while most of the Indian batsmen score in plenty while playing in India but struggle badly overseas. But Rahul Dravid was not one of them! He was always an accomplished batsman who could play marathon knocks on any pitch and under any conditions. 

So, If India had to appoint an overseas batting consultant, who else could have been a better choice? Rahul Dravid is the overseas batting consultant for team India since 2017. When Ravi Shastri was named the head coach of Team India, Rahul Dravid was appointed as the overseas batting consultant.

One has to be technically clinical while playing overseas. The pitches in Australia, England and South Africa facilitate a lot of pace and bounce, unlike Indian pitches. Hence grooming young and inexperienced batsmen for overseas conditions becomes very imperative. 

The Perfect Coach 

Besides being the overseas batting consultant for team India, he also serves as the head coach of India U-19 team and India-A. His diligence and dedication towards Indian cricket are massive. 

Ever since his appointment as the coach of the India U-19 Team and India A in 2015, there has been a great improvement in the junior teams. The junior teams have been highly successful under him and the U-19 World Cup 2019 is only one of the many examples of this fact. 

India U-19 team also reached the finals of the 2016 World Cup but lost in the final clash. Then they went on to win the Asia Cup in 2016. The way Rahul Dravid inspires youngsters to believe in them and is incredible. He has backed players even when they lost and that is what has brought out the best in them. 

The Unsung Hero

His efforts with India’s junior teams have yielded excellent results for the national team. Choosing to coach the junior teams rather seeking an IPL contract describes his dedication. If he had applied for the National Team’s coach, he would have easily made it but he chose to groom the young talents. The next generation of Indian cricket would surely speak for his legacy!

He is doing so much for the future of Indian cricket but just like his batting heroics he continues to be unsung hero.

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