#Me Too Movement: Game of cricket is also gonna affect!

#Me Too campaign
#Me Too campaign

The impact of the ongoing #Me Too Movement in the world is now being seen in cricket too. In fact, the New Zealand Cricket Players Association has released a handbook related to the this.

In this handbook, some guidelines have been issued for the players. According to these guidelines, players have been told how they should deal with women and how to present with them.

The New Zealand Cricket Player Association has taken these steps to prevent abuse of women. For the first time in New Zealand cricket, it is happening that players have been told about sexual abuse by handbooks. There is complete information about how to avoid such things at a particular place.

n this handbook the major points are how do you decide mainly and how it can affect your professional life. Things related to these issues have been mentioned in detail.

Significantly, the #Me Too Movement has been capped all over the world. Many veterans are being accused on the day under this campaign, in which New Zealand Cricket has taken a big step for its players and has already alerted them and this move of New Zealand Cricket can be called praiseworthy.

What is #Me Too Movement?

Its noteworthy that people from all over the world are participating in this campaign (mainly women) that started from the US and under this campaign, many disclosures are made after years.

It is known that in recent times, many Bollywood celebrities have been raising allegations against each other using this campaign now.


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