Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan Returned to the Modeling World

After the ongoing controversy with cricketer husband Mohammed Shami, Hasin Jahan has once again returned to the world of modeling after 4 long years. After Shami’s marriage, she had said goodbye to the world of modeling in 2014.

After nearly four months of ongoing controversy, Hasin also photo shoots in Mumbai. During this time, many filmmakers and directors have also met with her. She discussed her future plans with Ghaziabad film director Anand Kumar. Many producers are also in contact with her for a biopic.

Hasin said, “I had made my identity after a lot of struggle in modeling, but because of Shami I was away from this line. Now I have the responsibility of my daughter, I have made a comeback in the modeling world. I have also received offers for films and short films.”

Hasin Jahan, who was in the center of the sensation on March 6, 2018, accused Mohammed Shami of having links with other women. Hasin also filed a police report against Shami and his family members in Kolkata. In the middle of these disputes, Hasin has returned to the world of modeling now.

Shami’s Full Focus on Cricket:

On the other hand, after failing in the Yo-Yo Test, Mohammed Shami, who has been out of the Afghanistan Test, is now putting all his attention on cricket. His full focus is on his fitness these days. His next goal is to return to Team India.

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