MS Dhoni Opted the Sachin Tendulkar Technique for Practice

The only one who is best and wants to remain best in his field prepares alone. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not an exception in this matter. Before the departure for England, MSD used to practice alone in Bengaluru’s National Cricket Academy (NCA). All away from the public. It seems that MSD has opted Sachin Tendulkar Technique for Practice now.

Sachin Tendulkar used to practice alone at Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex in the final stages of his career and now Dhoni’s practice in the NCA was similar. It has been observed that Legends prepare a blueprint to extend their career and work accordingly.

Dhoni’s Practice Session:

Dhoni practiced over 100 balls, out of which nearly 70 percent was throw down. On June 15, Dhoni, who appeared in the yo-yo test with other limited overs specialist players, practice very hard and effectively there.

On the nets, Dhoni was practiced by throw-down specialist Raghu and Shardul Thakur. Raghu threw down from a distance of 18 yards.

During this, not many people were there to watch Dhoni practicing on the ground. After two hours of intense workout, Mahi took a short break and he again got into practice.

This time Dhoni also met Siddharth Kaul. During this practice session Dhoni played several good shots from the point. In a little while, Dhoni asked Shardul Thakur to imagine an imaginary field and to bowl according to that. Then MSD played the shot according to that field. After every little while he kept advising the fast bowler. He listened and adopted it.

Once the session was over, Dhoni saw some people who were watching him bat. Dhoni said some words to them with a smile. Then Dhoni went from there to the NCA dressing room.

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