Pressure to resign from chairmanship of CA on David Peever

David Peever
David Peever

The pressures to resign on Cricket Australia’s chairman David Peever has been increasing since the review report that blamed the attitude of Cricket Australia (CA) on the ball tempering issue.

In an independent review released on Monday, it was said that due to the “arrogant” and “controlling attitude” of Cricket Australia, players came to the point of betrayal in the exercise of winning in every way.”

David Peever who had become the chairman of Cricket Australia (CA) for the second time last week, clearly said that he would not resign in any condition.

He further said in his statement that said, ‘These are the crucial day for cricket and we will move forward from here.”

Many against David Peever

Former Australian bowler Geoff Lawson said that Peever should be replaced by a person who played cricket at a higher level.

He said, “We need the head of the corporate world, not the corporate head, but the key to the cricket-related chief. Cricket business has become a game of cricket.”

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd also said, “Cricket Australia’s image has been damaged under the chairmanship of Peever but he has been appointed again. That is two-three days before the review report arrives.”


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