Rohit Sharma hits the double century of sixes

In Thiruvananthapuram ODI, India’s vice-captain Sharma scored a double hundred. If you are thinking that the West Indies did not even set the target of such runs, how can Rohit do so? then you are absolutely wrong because this double century is not of a run score but of sixes.

Hitman joined the special club of players who completed the double century of sixes in ODIs as he hit the second six in the last ODI of the series on Thursday. Only MS Dhoni, with just 18 maximums ahead of Rohit from India.

200 sixes in the minimum innings

During this period Rohit Sharma also made a special record. He registers the world record of hitting 200 maximums in the lowest innings. Rohit achieved this feat in the 187th innings of his 193rd ODI. Earlier this record was recorded in the name of Shahid Afridi. The Pakistani batsman. Afridi completed the double century of maximums in 195 innings.

Rohit Sharma – 187 innings
Shahid Afridi – 195 innings
AB de Villiers – 214 innings
Brandon McCullum – 228 innings
Chris Gayle – 241 innings
MS Dhoni – 248 innings
Sanath Jayasuriya – 343 innings

Players who complete the double century of sixes in ODIs:

Rohit Sharma has become the seventh batsman in the world to score a double hundred of sixes in ODIs. The record of most sixes in the ODIs is recorded by Pakistani batsman Shahid Afridi, he scored a total of 351 maximums in his ODI career. He is the only batsman in the world to score a triple century of sixes in ODIs.

Shahid Afridi – Pakistan – 351
Chris Gayle – West Indies – 275*
Sanath Jayasuriya – Sri Lanka – 270
MS Dhoni – India – 218*
AB de Villiers – South Africa – 214
Brandon McCullum – New Zealand – 200
Rohit Sharma – India – 202*

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