Sting Operation: There are Signs of Fixing in Many Matches of India

There is now a new revelation in the documentary made on the Cricket Corruption by the Investigative Unit of Al Jazeera TV Network. After the sting operation has been telecast, it has been said that in the last two years, nearly three Test matches have been fixed in India.

Earlier, Al Jazeera TV Network claimed that Mumbai’s popular first-class cricketer Robin Morris admitted that he was involved in bribing the groundsman for changing the pitch of the Galle Test last year. Morris is considered to be a match fixer.

Let it be known that journalist David Harrison has done this sensational sting operation. This sting shows how the match-fixers bribe the existing and ex-players besides the pitch curator and fix the session and the whole match. This sting has also shown that there is also an involvement of Sri Lankan players Dilhara Lokuhettige, Jeevantha Kulatunga and Tharindu Mendis.

The New Turn in Story:

Earlier, Galle Stadium pitch curator Tharanga Indica had also said that we can prepare a pitch that is in favour of the bowler or batsman. Sting has been disclosed that in addition to the Galle Test played between India and Sri Lanka in 2017, the matches played between England and India at Chennai and between India and Australia at Ranchi (2017) were fixed. However, the name of any player of Team India has not been disclosed in this entire story.

It has been mentioned that two Australian players were involved in fixing the session in the Ranchi Test, while three English players in Chennai had fixed the sessions. After this matter has emerged, the players of the English cricket team have deemed it untenable, while no statement has yet been issued from the Cricket Australia.

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