Team India is preparing at Their Best for Tour of England

Tour of England. The Indian cricket team has reached London for the upcoming series against Ireland and England. Team India has begun to fulfill its objective, keeping the foot of the British soil. It can be seen in a video that Team India is so eager to win against the rival opponent England.

Indeed, the BCCI has posted a video on its official Twitter account. In this video, Team India seems to be working in the gym. For your information, this is not a common practice but a very special one. In this video, Yuvraj Singh, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Suresh Raina, KL Rahul and Team India’s captain Virat Kohli are filmed.

While running on the treadmill, Kohli has put a mask on his mouth. The reason for wearing this mask is also revealed.

Before the matches, the Indian team looked to improve their fitness at the gym. Kohli is covered with an oxygen reducing mask for the mouth and nose. This mask is difficult to breathe in and only the person with good stamina can wear it. Its effect is like climbing on a high mountain. Where the body has to work hard for oxygen due to the low oxygen there.

The UK Tour:

On the upcoming tour of England, Team India will play two T20I matches against Ireland and three T20I matches with England along three ODIs and five Test matches.

On this tour, Team India will play their first match against Ireland on June 27, while the final match will commence on September 7, which will be played till 11 September.

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