Top 5 All Time Great All-Rounders

All Time Great All-Rounders. Ever since its instigation, the game of cricket has evolved. The legacy of the game has been strengthened by some world-class cricketers across eras. Among the narratives of this legacy, all-rounders have added so much to the game. 

A batsman would win games with the bat and a bowler with the ball but an all-rounder would win it with both. It is such a key thing to have all-rounders in a team for they add so much impact. The game of cricket has been leveraged for it has witnessed some extraordinary all-rounders across eras. These multi-dimensional players form a part of the greatest assets in cricket. So, here is a tally of top 5 greatest all-rounders of all time. 

Surprisingly, no modern day cricketers make it to the list for the legacy of those on the list is so irreplaceable. 

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