Top 5 legendary batsmen of England

Who are the top 5 legendary batsmen of England? England is the very etymology of cricket and we will always be thankful to England for gifting the wonderful game of cricket. Cricket is among the most followed sports in the world with more than one billion followers and the shorter formats of the game are only taking the popularity higher and higher. 

Over the eras, the game has seen some extravagant world-class batsmen pay for different teams. Among these greatest batsmen to have ever played the support of cricket, there are a few names from England too.

Surprisingly in England’s handsome history of cricket, no English batsman went past 10000 runs in One Day Internationals and even in the longest format of the game only one batsman have gone past this grand milestone. This is a fact hard to believe but true! So, let us take a look at the best batsmen England has had so far. 

Here are the top 5 legendary batsmen of England 

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