West Indies is here to learn from Team India: Nic Pothas

Nic Pothas. India and West Indies will play the fifth and final ODI on November 1. After the poor performance in the Test series, the team stunned everyone in the ODI series and provided a tough fight to Team India.

While the fans were hoping that India would take the series 5-0, they are now quite surprised to see the score of 2-1.

Now before the last ODI, West Indies Fielding Coach Nic Pothas said that “we have not only come to India for the competition but have come to learn a lot from them.”

Pothas said that “Team India is the best team and a lot can be learned from this team. At the same time, Pothas said that playing with a strong team like India is really great.”

Nic Pothas on Kohli and Sharma

When Pontus was asked if he had any remedy to avoid Indian captain Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, he said that our focus is not on both of these players but on the whole team India. Pothus said that if I had any plans then I would not tell the media about it.

The fielding coach of the Visiting team said that “you can not even take any batsman lightly while Rayudu is also running in a good form as well at this time. While our team is quite young and the players are constantly learning.”

“Learning at the international level is never easy. The good thing for us is that our players are constantly learning and the standards of learning are also quite high in them.”

Pothus said that if any team has to beat top teams like India and England, then it is important for the team to implement their plans.

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