2018 the strongest season in 10 years: Ferrari

F1 Season 2018

If it was not for the late errors towards the end of the 2018 season, Ferrari would have put up some serious fight to Mercedes’ glory. Ferrari put up a really strong show in the first half of the 2018 season while towards the end of the season it was all Mercedes.

Ferrari feels that despite the loss 2018 has been the strongest season for the team in a decade.

Jock Clear, Ferrari’s engineering chief said that the 2018 F1 season has been the strongest for the team in ten years. The engineering chief further added that one imperative lesson that Ferrari needs to learn from this season is the need to perform consistently throughout the year.

Ferrari is undoubtedly disappointed to have lost out on the title but it seems to have learned its lessons well. Many feel that Ferrari had the best cars on the grid in the 2018 season.

Perhaps Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen could not get the most out of the best cars on the grid. Now the next season will see Charles Leclerc replace Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari and the dynamics are going to be very different.

Engineering chief on F1 season 2018:

The engineering chief said that it’s a season to relish for the team as it has put up a fantastic battle against Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton might have won his fifth world championship title but he did feel the heat of the challenge given by the speeding Ferraris.

Ferrari’s official is upbeat about the strengths achieved in this season and wishes to build upon it. Can 2019 be any different for Ferrari with a new pair in the frame?


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