Ferrari need not worry about the title yet: Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

Even after facing a defeat in the Singapore GP, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel is still upbeat about the world championship title. Vettel stated after the race that Ferrari need not be scared in terms of the world championship title about the final six races of the ongoing season.

Lewis Hamilton has a hefty lead over Vettel having followed his Italian GP win with a win in the Singapore GP where Vettel finished third. Can Vettel still turn around the tables or will Lewis Hamilton remain invincible?

Ferrari’s world championship hopes are faltering for the second year in a row and Hamilton is taking long strides ahead of Vettel. Lewis Hamilton enjoyed a lead of 30 points over Sebastian Vettel before going into the Singapore GP and now his lead is even more consolidated.

Starting from the pole position on Sunday, Lewis Hamilton finished first followed by Max Verstappen of Red Bull who finished second. Vettel is now trailing by 40 points in the world championship title for the 2018 season but he’s still flamboyant about pulling it off.

Sebastian Vettel agrees to the fact that Ferrari has been undone by its own misjudgments but he still feels that there is no reason why Ferrari must fear its chances? Vettel believes that there is still a long way to go and ample points to grab.

He also stated that Ferrari has a very good car but it would not be very wise to say that Ferraris are leading the Mercedes cars with big margins as often stated by people.

He feels that it is rather an overstatement when people say that Vettel has the best car which is too good for the Mercedes to catch up with.

Sebastian rests his hopes on remaining races

Now Vettel rests his hopes on the remaining six races which will be decisive of the world championship title. While Lewis Hamilton seems the clear winner as of now, Ferrari has what it takes to surprise everyone and Vettel’s confidence is pretty much intact.

He’s been under fire for making errors far too many but now given where he is in the points table, he cannot really afford to skid, spin and crash anymore on the tracks. Vettel must find his symphony before it’s too hard to have any control of the situation.


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