Haas lodged a formal appeal with FIA over the Italian GP Disqualification

Haas F1 team

The Haas F1 team has lodged a formal appeal with the FIA with regards to the ousting of Romain Grosjean from the recently held Italian Grand Prix.

After Renault raised issues and complained about the floor that Grosjean used, Grosjean was stripped of his position at the end of the race. Romain Grosjean has finished 6th at the Italian Grand Prix, all in vain.

After an investigation into the matter by the stewards, it was found out that his car did not comply with the set protocols. As per the regulations, the front corners of the T-tray of the floor have to be 50mm in radius when viewed from below.

The net set of rules mandating the same case into effect in July this year in accordance with which Grosjean was stripped of his sixth-place finish.

Haas was aware of the changes in rules but had sought more time from FIA to make the necessary changes. Haas had argued that the summer break was not enough for the necessary amendments to be made to the car.

The Haas F1 feels that it is wrong on the parts of the stewards to penalise the team. The team strongly believes that its sixth position finish in the Italian Grand Prix should be considered legitimate.

The Result of Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix was won by Lewis Hamilton who extended his lead in the world championship over Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.


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