Horner surprised by Mercedes team orders at Sochi

Christian Horner

Christian Horner, Red Bull boss cannot get over being shocked and surprised about what happened at Sochi last Sunday. He’s surprised by the manner in which Mercedes team orders unfolded during the Russian Grand Prix hence taking Lewis Hamilton to a much controversial win.

Mercedes had asked Valtteri Bottas to let Lewis Hamilton pass him by and compromise what seemed a probable win at the Russian GP for Bottas. Horner said that he feels that Bottas wasn’t really happy while executing the team orders and forsaking his winning prospects.

He further added that there was also a possibility that the team would have deliberated and discussed upon the plan of action with respect to scenarios beforehand itself.

Horner stated that what happened was utterly surprising and people tend to forget soon that ultimately F1 too is a team sport and not about individuals.

Horner was also certain about the fact that he would have made the same call if he was the Mercedes boss. He explained that he just feels confused about the fact that maybe the execution wasn’t pre planned or pre discussed.

Team orders caught me off guard: Bottas

After the race Valtteri Bottas did admit the fact that the orders caught him off guard. Bottas did reveal that what happened on Sunday and how the team orders unfurled was something that was not really planned beforehand.

All said and done, Hamilton now has 50 points lead over Vettel and the road ahead looks very slippery for Vettel in his run to the title win. Can Sebastian Vettel still turn around the tables?


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