Max Verstappen Does Not Want Carlos Sainz At Red Bull

Max Verstappen

After Daniel Ricciardo ditched red bull and decided to move to Renault for the next season, red bull racing has no choice but to look for a replacement. Red bull racing now has an uphill task of finding a new partner for Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz looks like a potential candidate.

But sources reveal that Max Verstappen is opposing the induction of Carlos Sainz into the team. 

Daniel Ricciardo will be replacing Carlos Sainz at Renault for the 2019 f1 season. Red bull’s Christian Horner said earlier that if Ricciardo departs then Carlos Sainz will be their premier choice for Ricciardo’s replacement.

But Verstappen and Sainz have a history of conflicts between them and that is why Max Verstappen does not want him as his teammate. 

When they were together at Toro Rosso they had a troubled relationship with other. Then the Dutchman was promoted to the senior level in May 2016. Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing has won four races while Carlos Sainz has never made it to the podium.

But now if he comes to red bull, he will have a great chance to take up new challenges and opportunities. As per sources Verstappen and his camp are vehemently opposing the induction of Carlos Sainz into red bull. 

Ricciardo Stunned everyone:

While it was being largely anticipated that Ricciardo will stay at red bull, he stunned everyone by making a move to Renault.  Now we can only wait to see as to what replacement does Red Bull bring to replace the likes of Ricciardo. 


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