Red Bull sees great potential in Honda Switch: Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Red Bull is upbeat about its Honda Switch. Stellar Red Bull driver Max Verstappen asserted that Red Bull isn’t lying about the boost Honda engine switch can offer to the team next year.

Max Verstappen has shown his faith in the capabilities of the Japanese engine manufacturing ahead of the switch that comes next year.

Honda’s impressive progress has caught Red Bull’s eye and has forced Red Bull to end its prolonged association with Renault. Honda recovered well from its disastrous stint with McLaren.

Honda’s alliance with Toro Rosso has been impressive and attractive and paved way for a tie-up between Red Bull and Honda that gets underway in the next season. Verstappen insists that Red Bull’s data points towards Honda are promising and Red Bull is not lying about the prospects which a Honda switch offers.

Red Bull feels that the Honda switch is a step forward in terms of putting up a great show next year. The next season will also see Daniel Ricciardo’s departure from Red Bull.

He left everyone stunned when he announced a new deal with Renault against all odds. Now it will be interesting to see if the Honda switch at Red Bull makes Ricciardo regret his Renault move.

Max Verstappen on the issue:

Verstappen said that it is also important as to how much others improve along with the engine switch. Verstappen also admitted that at present Red Bull is lagging behind a little in terms of power and it will definitely get better.


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