Top 5 Drivers With Most podium finishes in F1

podium finishes
F1 drivers with the most podium finishes

Who has the most podium finishes in F1? It is always good to end on the podium when you have given your everything to a race. A win is a win but then finishing second or third and ending on the podium is still a great feeling for any F1 driver.

So, who is the F1 driver with the most podium finishes? The one at the top is easy to guess because Michael Schumacher is a legend one of his kind. Michael Schumacher has 155 podium finishes to his name which is extravagantly brilliant. Let us see the top 5 drivers with most podium finishe in F1 so far.

#1.  Michael Schumacher

Sitting on top of the list handsomely is Michael Schumacher of course with 155 podium finishes in 308 entries. He is a legend no one might ever be able to surpass.

#2. Lewis Hamilton

The best driver among the modern day drivers has 126 podium finishes to his name in 220 entries. If there is anyone who is any closer to breaking Schumacher’s record of most wins that that is Lewis Hamilton.

#3. Alain Prost

Former F1 racer has 106 podium finishes to his name from 202 entries. He shares the record with Sebastian Vettel who might soon surpass him.

#4. Sebastian Vettel

Vettel too has 106 finishes at podium to his name which came from 211 entries. He might just take one more race to leave behind Alain Prost.

#5. Kimi Raikkonen

Last but not the least is Kimi Raikkonen who has 99 finishes at podium in his career so far.


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