Vettel can still win the title: Christian Horner

Christian Horner
Christian Horner

Christian Horner feels that Sebastian Vettel can still win the title from here. Sebastian Vettel is trailing behind Lewis Hamilton by 40 points in the world championship title race with six more Grand Prix to go.

Christian Horner feels that seeing how Sebastian Vettel has made comebacks in the past, he can still make yet another stunning comeback to topple Lewis Hamilton and win the title from here.

Consecutive wins in the Italian GP and Singapore GP has strengthened Hamilton’s lead over Sebastian Vettel even though Ferraris have been failed as being the best cars on the grid.

At Singapore GP, Vettel was the favourite to win given his car and Mercedes’ dismal record at this particular circuit but yet Lewis Hamilton managed to win.

Now with 6 races remaining in the ongoing season, there are 150 points up for the grabs. Can Vettel overturn things from here?

His former boss Christian Horner surely has faith in Vettel’s ability to make hefty comebacks and he feels that just like 2012, Vettel can overcome his deficit to emerge as the title winner.

In 2012 he negated the 42 points deficit to Fernando Alonso and ended up being the world championship making his way up from the clutches of a large deficit. Christian Horner feels that Vettel is really good under pressure and the Red Bull boss has seen Vettel in all his claims to the title.

Errors from Vettel 

This season has been marked by a lot of errors from Vettel’s side which cost him many races. His relationship with errors and mistakes has kept him away from wins but there are still 6 races to go and even Vettel is confident that his team need not worry about the title. Even Vettel is confident that he can turn it around from here.

Ferrari and Vettel have been hailed as being the fastest package on the grids. The results, however, have been contrary to these claims. Vettel’s mistakes were capitalised by Mercedes and that is why the points table looks like what it is.


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