Where is Fernando Alonso headed to in 2019?

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso’s return to McLaren has been a catastrophic one. While others have their 2019 F1 season almost sorted, no one really knows where Fernando Alonso is headed to. The two-time world champion hoped to make things better for him after convincing McLaren to make the Renault switch from Honda but that hardly made a difference to his form. The Spanish driver has 32 Grand Prix Wins to his name.

The F1 top teams are already packed with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas certain to stay at Mercedes and Vettel certain to stay at Ferrari. Even for Red Bull, there doesn’t seem to be a vacancy for him.

So, with very little opportunities available to him in the top F1 teams, he might head to the US and take an IndyCar seat. He needs to win the Indy 500 challenge in order to complete his Triple Crown. 

If Fernando Alonso decides to make the move to the US then Stoffel

Vandoorne might be retained by McLaren. It’s being largely anticipated that McLaren wants Carlos Sainz as their leading driver. If Fernando Alonso leaves that Carlos Sainz and Stoffel Vandoorne might team up.


Carlos Sainz will be replaced by Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull Racing in the 2019 season. But if Fernando Alonso chooses to stay then Stoffel Vandoorne will be axed. 

Alonso has kept all his fans curious over his August 14 announcement. Let’s see where’s that headed to. Any guesses folks? 


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