Florentino Pérez is the reason why I left Real Madrid: Ronaldo

Florentino Pérez
Florentino Pérez and Ronaldo

Florentino Pérez. In a recent interview, former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed the real reason behind leaving Santiago Bernabeu. The Portuguese players had transferred from Bernabeu to Juventus after nine trophy years in the summer. With this he surprised his fans in the world of football.

Madrid Club won three consecutive Champions League titles during the last few seasons. But, in reality, the record goalscorer of all time was not happy with how he was being treated.

Ronaldo on Florentino Pérez

Ronaldo said in the interview: “In the club, especially with the behavior of the president, I thought that I was not being treated as the same as I was treated in beginning.”

“The President saw me in such a way that he suggested to me that I was no longer compulsory, if you know what I mean, this is the reason I thought about leaving,” Ronaldo added in his statement.

This 33-year-old player is confident that after scoring 44 goals in the last season for Real Madrid and 7 goals for Juventus this season, he is a strong contender to win his sixth Ballon d’Or.

“Surely I want to win, this sixth ballon d’Or!” Ronaldo expressed his hope.

Ronaldo said: “If I say something to you on the contrary, then it will be a lie. I work hard for it. Like I would say that I want to score without obsession and want to win the match.”


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