Giani Infanteño: Prize rise for women is not enough

Giani InfanteñoGiani Infanteño
Giani Infanteño

FIFA president Giani Infanteño said that he knows that women footballers are annoyed with the inequality in FIFA World Cup prize money. And that is the reason, we have increased the prize money for the teams who will qualify for the finals. Now the prize money for the finals will be $23 million (NZ dollars) to $46 million.

Prior to the FIFA Council meeting here on Friday, the associations of Australia, Norway, Sweden, and New Zealand players sought to improve the prize money awarded to the women in the FIFA World Cup 2019.

What Giani Infanteño said?

Infantino said, “The comments made in this case are completely justified.”

“The union and the players are talking about their interests. We have to navigate this way and I think we have made a step forward in this direction. Maybe one-day women’s football will earn more than men,” he continued.

Giani Infanteño added that “It’s a very important message for women’s football. It will certainly boost this World Cup even more.”

FIFpro statement 

The global footballer’s union FIFpro also showed its views. It said in a statement “FIFPro notes the willingness of FIFA to increase prize money for the Women’s World Cup and make structural improvements to support women’s football. However, despite these changes football remains even further from the goal of equality for all World Cup players regardless of gender.”

“In reality, the changes actually signify an increase in the gap between men’s and women’s prize money. This regressive trend appears to contravene FIFA’s statutory commitment to gender equality.”

“We strongly support our members, women’s national team players in multiple countries, who have written to FIFA in recent days expressing their dismay about the distribution of prize money.”


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