Jose Mourinho is in a new trouble now

Jose Mourinho

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho and the problems are now moving together. After United’s poor performance this season, the decision to remove Mourinho as the manager is taken. Now, he is accused of behaving improperly.

The Football Association has accused him to behave improperly at the end of the 3-2 win of his team in the match against Newcastle United on October 6.

In the TV footage at the end of the game, Jose Mourinho has been found talking to the Portuguese player and watching the camera. This is also seen while pointing to his finger while speaking with him.

According to the UK Press, the Football Association had also used a lip reader that read the language of the lips so that the words said by Mourinho can be understood and that reader has described those comments as offensive.

Jose Mourinho was found using offensive language 

According to a statement, “the language used by Mourinho in the broadcast footage shown at the end of the match was offensive and unfair.”

The FA has given Mourinho time to respond to this charge till 6 pm on October 19. And if he is found guilty, he may be banned from avoiding touchline.

Speaking after the game, Mourinho commented that “he is a victim of “Manhunt” by the media and had said that he was pointing his finger to that and however, it’s smaller than others, but it is just a finger.”


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