Maurizio Sarri is the best coach Chelsea had: Hazard

Maurizio Sarri
Hazard praises Maurizio Sarri

Chelsea footballer Eden Hazard has claimed that Italy’s Maurizio Sarri is the best coach since he has come to the London Club and played under him, Hazard has experienced this.

Belgium’s winger players who scored his eighth goal of the season and made Chelsea’s unbeaten debut in Stamford Bridge, so far, has played under six different coaches.

Despite winning the Premier League title at the Stamford Bridge under Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, Hazard believes that he is the best in Chelsea.

Hazard on Maurizio Sarri

Hazard said that, “I think he is a great manager. When you play football, you want to play for these kinds of managers because the way he wants us to play is the way that I want to play. So I am just thinking about this season.”

“I want to win something with him and then we will think about what happens at the end of the season but now, in my head, it is just play and enjoy football then try to win the games. I think every year it is the same. When teams play against Chelsea, they are a bit scared because we have great players,” he added in his statement.

“It is like when you play Liverpool or Man City. This is a big team. For them, it is hard. We need to be focused though because in the Premier League you can lose a game.”

“We drew against West Ham. Today we won 3-0 in the end but we could have conceded a goal in the first half.” he continued.

He further said, “So you need to be aware of this. That’s the manager. You know, the manager is always saying you need to be focused. No mistakes at the back. Then when we have a chance, we need to score and kill the game.”


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