Neil Warnock says beating Liverpool is kinda virtually impossible

Neil Warnock
Neil Warnock

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock has said that it is unlikely to really defeat Liverpool. On Saturday, in the Premier League Cardiff City has to compete with Liverpool. Cardiff team ranked 17th with just one win in nine matches, will face the Liverpool team, which is undefeated in the the Premier League.

Warnock said on Friday that it is virtually impossible for any team to beat Liverpool at any time in Enfield. In its frontline, there are the three best players in the world. Although we are also playing well. We can create trouble for them. Last week, Cardiff defeated Fulham 4-2 to win the match of the season.

Neil Warnock shares his views 

Warnock shares his views and said “It is virtually impossible for any team in the current game. Their front three is probably the best front three in the world.”

“We’ve all got to play at the top of our potential to give them a good game and hope they have an off day,” he added.

“I hope the lads are looking forward to it – it’s a special place in football, a remarkable place. It’s massive.”

When reminded about the comment he again said: “I think I’d been drinking if I’m honest.”

“What I meant was if Van Dijk was in our team, you’d see if he was a good defender. He doesn’t have to defend that much in Liverpool’s team because they’re usually in the other half.

“I think they’ve improved with the players they’ve brought in,” he continued his statement.

“I’m delighted Van Dijk is playing like he is because I think we could have bought him at Palace for £6m but my chief scout said he was too slow. I think he’s still in a job as well! So it just shows you what opinions are about,” he concluded in his statement.


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