Neymar's break up with Burna is finally confirmed

Neymar's break up
Neymar's break up with Burna

Neymar’s break up. Brazilian star footballer Neymar has edged out his girlfriend, Burna Marczyn. Earlier at the beginning of the year, there was a crack in the relationships of them. But somehow they succeeded to save their 6-year-old relationship in some manner.

After this, the relationship of both of them got sour again when Bruna, who is also an actress as well as a model, shoot a very intimate scene in a film.

This intimate scene of Bruna was viral by putting photos with Nemar at social sites everywhere. Although a hot shoot of Neymar for an underwear company with Bruna came before the fans but, he was not sure that Bruna would give such a hot scene for a film.

Is politics responsible for Neymar’s break up with Burna?

At the same time, Brazilian politics is also believed to be responsible for breaking the relationship between the two. Some say its a political interference as well.

Indeed, in Brazil this is the election season these days. In this case, Neymar and Bruna are supporting both different political parties. Bruna herself had said in an interview that she is with Neymar, but if the matter of political ideology comes, then both have many differences on this issue.

Let you know that Neymar’s first meeting with Bruna was in 2012 at the famous Canal party of Rio de Janeiro. After this, both of them started dating each other and spent almost 6 years together. Fans of both the stars are still hoping to find these kinds of break up news to be called rumors.


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