Not so happy at Barcelona: Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal, Bayern Munich’s former midfielder, has said that after joining Barcelona from Bayern Munich in the transfer window this summer, he is less than happy to see his less roles in his team and fewer opportunities to play.

Last week’s match between Tottenham and Barcelona in the Champions League, in which Barcelona won 4-2. Vidal has expressed his anger through the Media, as he played no part for the team in this win.

After this match of Wembley, an angry Emoji post was posted on the social media by Vidal, which was later dropped.

Arturo Vidal is not happy with the scenario 

According to FourFourTwo, he said “I am not happy but if I have a problem with the coach I will say it to his face.”

”How am I going to be happy if I don’t play, and me of all people. I am someone that has always fought, that has been in the best teams in the world, that has won everything and who wants to continue winning at Barcelona,” he added.

”I am fine physically and happy. In the past few games I have been a little irritated but that’s how it is, we will keep battling, there are a lot of important games ahead and we will see,” he continued.

”When I have a problem or I am angry then I go straight to the coach and I speak to him. You can have various reasons for doing these things.

”It was nothing to do with anything sporting and I took it down to stop people speculating. There are personal things, jokes which you can put on social media and people take the wrong way,” he concluded.


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