Real's players are with Lópetegui till the end: Ramos

Lópetegui and Ramos

Following a 1-5 defeat against Barcelona in El Clásico, a big question mark has emerged over the future of Spanish football club Real Madrid’s manager Julien Lópetegui and there is the talk of removing him.

However, Real’s star player Sergio Ramos has said that the club players have not been told anything about the future of their manager and players are with him till the end.

Real-necklace defeat in Realm of Camp Now, once again opened the tone of his defense. The real team has not won a single match in the last six matches.

According to the Spanish media, Lópetegui can soon be removed from the manager’s post and Antonio Conte can be given the responsibility of the manager of the club.

Ramos stayed in his statement on Lopetegui

Ramos said talking to media, “I am not going to change what I say.”

He further said “The coaches and the players are with the coach to the death. Results determine a lot whether a coach stays. But it is not our decision, it comes from above. We have heard nothing. So we will stay the side, and let the hours pass, and what must happen will happen.”

Talking about his relationship with the club’s coach he said positively that “I’ve always had a good relationship with my coaches. “You win respect, you don’t impose it. We have won a lot with coaches — you know who they are. Sometimes managing the dressing room is more important than the coach’s technical know-how.


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