UEFA fined Romania and next home match will be played without spectators

UEFA fined Romania
UEFA fined Romania

UEFA fined Romania. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has punished Romania with fines due to racist behavior of the crowd present in the match and imposed the penalty on it.

Under this penalty, the team will have to play their next home match in the absence of the visitors and spectators.

In the Nations league tournament, the match played against Serbia on October 14 at the National Stadium in Bucharest, Romania, the audience made racial comments. The match played between Romania and Serbia was a goalless draw.

Apart from the racial comments, some fans had reached the ground and started fireworks there. UEFA found such behaviors of the crowd intolerable and imposed a penalty on the hosts Romania.

UEFA said that for the racial conduct of the fans, they have imposed a fine of € 50,000 ($ 57,080) on the Romanian Football Association. Fines worth € 23,000 ($ 26,250) also have been imposed due to fireworks from the crows on the ground.

In the tournament, Romania will play next domestic match against Lithuania on November 17. This match now will be played without the spectators.

How UEFA fined Romania?

In a statement released by UEFA it states that “The UEFA Control, Ethics, and Disciplinary Body have decided to order the Romanian Football Federation to play their next UEFA competition match as host association behind closed doors and to fine the Romanian Football Federation 50,000 euros ($56,700) for the racist behavior of its supporters.”

UEFA also comment on the related news that “disciplinary proceedings have been opened.” Now next to where the case goes.


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