Getting death threats after Mohamed Salah foul: Ramos

In what comes as a sensational claim, Sergio Ramos has stated that he has received death threats after he injured Mohamed Salah of Liverpool in the Champions League final. He featured for Spain in a game against England which was played on Saturday.

Ramos claims death threats to family

He revealed that he and his family have been on the receiving end of death threats ever since the final of the Champions League in May. Spain registered a staggering win over England on Saturday as it defeated the latter 2-1 at Wembley.

Ramos said that he did not intend to injure the Egyptian star and he feels no guilt for his actions.

He further added that he would have liked another reception since people only remember his foul but not the death threats he and his family have been facing.

Sergio also added that this is a very sensitive issue even if people want to simply joke about it. He maintained that his conscience is very clear but he does not wish to give any further explanations as he has already given a lot of them.

Ramos was particular about the fact that he does not wish to clarify his actions any further.

Never tried to injure someone: Ramos

He said that he has never tried to hurt a colleague and people might have misunderstood him. He also stated that he did not really care about the possibilities of a negative reception ahead of the game.

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