Liverpool is traveling to Manchester in search of full 3 points from Etihad

Manchester City VS Liverpool is considered as the title-deciding fixture of the Premier League in the last few seasons. Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool is traveling to Manchester City to face the Blues at Etihad.

Liverpool is now second in the league table behind Southampton. The defending champion wants to win all 3 points from Etihad and claim the top spot again.

Since the 7-2 loss against Aston Villa in the first week of October Liverpool is unbeaten in all competition. They beat Italian side Atalanta comfortably in UEFA Champions League in the mid-week by 5-0.

On the other hand, Manchester City also struggled since the start of the new season. They are now 12th in the table with 11 points. They are 5 points behind Liverpool.

Before the away game against Pep Guardiola’s men, Jurgen Klopp in the press conference said, “It is not important whether we play home or away, it is important we are brave, we play football with all we have and then we have a chance.”

He also showed respect to his opponent. He said, “This is the most difficult game in the world of football I would say, to play against Manchester City.”

Jurgen Klopp knows the importance of this game very well. He knows these games can affect his team at the end of the season. So, he said, “It looks like even you think it is not a decider, so come on. It is a very, very difficult game and hopefully, for both teams, both will perform on a high level but that is it. So many things are different this year, nothing is comparable to last year.”

Klopp lost his main defender Virgil Van Dijk for the rest of the season following an ACL injury against Everton. But he replaced him with Fabinho and Fabinho did a great job in the last couple of games. Young defender Williams has also played well whenever he got the chance.

Whereas, Pep Guardiola is always unpredictable with his first-team choices. There can be a surprise in the starting XI as well.

All the football fans are excited to see the match.

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