Loris Karius wants apologies from Sergio Ramos for injuring him

Loris Karius has spoken about the allegations raised on him, alleging that he had escaped from Liverpool following the mistakes made against Real Madrid in the Champions League final last season.

In the match between Madrid and Liverpool, Madrid won the match 3-1, out of which two goals were due to the mistake of Lauris. But later it was revealed that after the first goal, the balance of his mind was shaken by Sergio Ramos by applying an elbow on the face, after which he was mistaken for the second time.

Liverpool included Brazilian Alison Baker of AS Roma in the summer with £ 67 million and Curious chose to go to Turkey under two years loan.

Loris Karius wants apologies 

Now, Loris Karius wants apologies from Sergio Ramos for injuring him. Talking about the same he said, “He’s a hard player but I have nothing against him personally. I don’t know whether he did that on purpose, but that doesn’t matter to me in the end. Only one person knows and this is Sergio Ramos.”

“I went down and thought: ‘What’s going on now?’ No reaction from the five referees. I felt the adrenaline rushing through my body and thought only about playing on,” he added.

“A concussion was proven, and it harmed my spatial vision. The club asked me to go see a specialist. But again, I won’t use this as an excuse. I performed constantly throughout the whole season, so you can put it this way. Under ordinary circumstances I cannot explain those mistakes,” He concluded.


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