To move in Manchester City is one of my best decision: David Silva

Spanish footballer David Silva says that joining Manchester City was the most important decision of his life. According to a BBC report, despite the proposals received from Barcelona and Real Madrid, Silva decided to join the Manchester City Club.

Spain’s 32-year-old midfielder was inducted into the City from Valencia Club in July 2010.

He said that playing for Barcelona is the dream of many players, but the ability of the city club motivated him to stay in the club. In an interview, Silva said, “I needed the City Club. I thought I needed this club. ‘

He said that in view of the club and my needs, I decided to join the City Club. Silva said, ‘I had to join this club because we both needed each other. This decision proved to be the most right decision of my life.’

David Silva shared his views on his child as well

Last year in December Silva’s SOn Mateo as born in Spain. He was a premature baby Silva continued to travel from Manchester City to that hospital in Spain where his child was cared. He also discuss on this issue in the show.

“It was so difficult with him being in hospital for so long. You don’t stop thinking about it all the time. Besides, he was in Spain, meaning I had to travel a lot and I could hardly train,” he said.

“I didn’t sleep much, I wasn’t eating well. But, luckily, the team was doing really well and that helped me a lot” He added.

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