Paul Pogba would not captain Manchester United again: Jose Mourinho

Owing to the apparent issues with Paul Pogba’s attitude, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has told the former that he would not captain the club again. Mourinho does not want Pogba to be at the helm of the things given the kind of attitude he has.

Paul Pogba was informed of the decision before the commencement of the game between United and Derby County on Tuesday.

Mourinho is certainly not impressed with Pogba’s duties as captain performed on Saturday again the Wolves at Old Trafford. Pogba rejoined Manchester United in 2016 after being with Juventus.

After the draw last Saturday, Pogba stated that he wanted the team to play aggressively attacking football at Old Trafford against the Wolves.

Barcelona wants Paul Pogba badly

The bitterness in the equation between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba has been more than visible in the recent times. And Pogba has expressed his dissatisfaction about being at Old Trafford.

Barcelona is very keen to have Paul join them. And hence it would not be a surprise if Paul Pogba decides to bid a farewell to Manchester United.

It would be a big challenge for Jose Mourinho to make Pogba stay but letting him go would be a massive failure for Mourinho.

The prudent thing to do would be to make him stay but that would dilute the stature of  Mourinho. Which way will the future unfold for Manchester United?

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