Romelu Lukaku pays tribute to his career helpers

Romelu Lukaku paid tribute to former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, Belgium’s assistant coach Thierry Henry and former team-mate Nicolas Anelka to influence and help in his career.

Romelu came to England after being signed by Chelsea in 2011, at the age of 18, and he has scored 104 goals in the Premier League so far from the hub.

Drogba, Henry and Anelka had shining career as a striker in the Premier League, and when Lukaku was told that he reached 100 goals in less than 30 games from Drogba, Lukaku said “but he has four premiers League titles and I have no one.”

Lukaku on Drogba

“Drogba and I talk every day, he part of this process. I have been part of the process since coming into the Premier League. Although we have not been part of a dressing room for years,” he added.

“He knows that I accept it because I really want the same career as the career he had. He can be as hard as he wants, because I really want a similar type of career.”

“It is very good for me to share my experience with him. I want to learn everything from him. He even always tells me that you are more dangerous, because you are stronger than me. And I argue with him on the theory of speed all times,” Romelu concluded.

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