Troy Deeney praised Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk

Watford striker Troy Deeney praised Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk and said he does not want to face him because he is “very big, very strong, very fast” player.

In the beginning of last year, when he toured Liverpool in Anfield against Watford, he had a combat with Virgil van Dijk, in which Watford had to taste a 5-0 defeat at Liverpool.

Watford had faced Liverpool in November and now Deeney is not going to face it again.

Talking about Virgil van Dijk, Deeney said that “I’ve said it many times, I hate him. I hate going up against him.”

“He’s too big, too strong, too quick, too good on the ball, loves fighting, a good head of hair,” he added in his statement.

He further said that, “One of those guys that sprays on his top as well, so it smells lovely! When he runs past you, it’s like ‘I can’t catch you.”

Troy Deeney also appreciated Joy Gomez

Talking about the great future for Joe Gomez Deeney made a statement and said “I’ve said for a very long time that I’ve got a massive respect for Joe Gomez. He could be England’s center-half for the next 15 years.”

“He is a beast of a player. And going next to someone like Van Dijk, he is only going to get better,” he concluded with.

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