Djokovic is No. 1 player in the world: Bogdan Obradović

Bogdan Obradović, who is Serbia’s legendary tennis player, has said that Navak Djokovic, the 14th Grand Slam title winner, is the best player for him on this land. He told in a special conversation with our associate newspaper The Times of India that when he first met Djokovic, he was 10 years old.

Obradovic, who contributed a lot to Serbian tennis, said, “I first saw Djokovic in 1997 and he was 10 years old. His father brought him to Red Star Club, where I used to work. I also remember his first practice. He works in a very professional way. He then lowered his bag, ran and started warming up. I did not need to say a word.”

In the Serbian government, Parliament member Obradovic said, “When he was 13 years old, during the day’s session, I asked him why do you play tennis. What is the goal? Then he replied, that he wants to be World No. 1.”

“He used to train himself with 4-5 years elder players than him. It is very difficult that the 13-year-old player practicing with the players of the age of 18-19 year because they run very fast, more strong and hits the ball very hard but Novak never complained,” he added.

Bogdan Obradović compared Djokovic with other legendary players

51-year-old Obradovich said, “Roger Federer plays aggressive from Baseline and he knows how to attack. Rafael Nadal is a strong opponent, he gives 100 percent on any occasion in the game.”

“But Novak is a player whose defense is equal to Nadal and the attack is improving. Novak is number -1 because his two shots – forehand and backhand are equal. He is the only player in history, whose two shots are equal. “

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