Rafael Nadal The Highest Paid Tennis Player In 2018: Forbes

World number one Rafael Nadal will head into the US Open as being the highest paid Tennis player in 2018 as per Forbes. The Spaniard’s earnings till July 2018 stood at $ 6,717,922 followed by Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. While Federer’s earnings so far this year stand at $ 5,088,440.

According to Forbes, the third place is occupied by Novak Djokovic, who has earned $ 4,330,630 so far in 2018.

Roger Federer was leading the list this year until he decided to skip the French Open and also got ousted in Wimbledon. Just like he lost his No 1 World Ranking to Nadal, he also lost this spot on the earnings list to the Spaniard.

Rafael Nadal will be the defending champion at the US Open 2018. With a whopping prize money of $ 40.9 million, the US Open can trigger some changes on this list. The one who goes on to win the US Open will be largely benefitted and may move further up on the list.
The Us Open will begin on August 27 at New York and all eyes will be on Federer and Nadal. Rafael Nadal has won the US Open thrice while Roger Federer has 5 US Open Titles in his illustrious cap.

Nadal’s career:

World number one Rafael Nadal has 17 Grand Slam Titles to his name with the French Open being the latest. Nadal has a total of 79 men’s singles title to his name.
He is also regarded as one of the best ever tennis players the world has seen. He turned a pro in 2001 and then rest has been a wonderful journey for him sans his injury woes.
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