Stephanie Mcmahon wants Serena Williams to join WWE

Stephanie Mcmahon
Stephanie Mcmahon

The way MMA star Ronda Rousey has succeeded in the WWE, there has been speculation that big stars of other sports can also try out in this ring. Recently, a new disclosure of WWE’s CBO Stephanie McMahon has also been stamped.

During a radio program, Stephanie said that just as Ronda has come to WWE, there are strong reasons for success. Similarly, now their intention is to bring tennis star Serena Williams into the ring.

What did say about her new strategy?

Stephanie said: “Yes, I want Serena. She is awesome. Watching her in the ring will be a pleasant feeling.”

McMahon also talked about the possibilities “It would’ve taken a lot longer.”

“The backstory is my husband Paul (Levesque aka Triple H) had started recruiting elite athletes from all over the world – both male and female,” she added in her statement.

“We started training our woman the same as the men and hired our first-ever female coach,” she continued her views.

“They started given our woman the same match time and opportunity at live events, which like anything else. The more reps you do the better you become,” she told with hope.

“So everyone had an even playing field and it made all the difference.”

“The women in NXT then started stealing the show and that’s when our audience started chanting ‘this is wrestling’ and that’s what really gave rise to the ‘give women a chance’ movement,” She continued.

“Our fans are empowered because they know they have a voice and they make things happen.”


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