Tennis Star Saniza Mirza Comes Out In Support Of Mesut Ozil

Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza has backed Mesut Ozil’s decision to quit the national football team of Germany. Mesut Ozil who has Turkish roots quit the German national team on Sunday over racism, discrimination and disrespect.

Ozil said that he has been subject to emails filled with hatred, threats over the phone and also social media abuse ever since his picture with the Turkish President went viral. 

Sania Mirza in a Tweet poured out her support to Mesut Ozil and said that she is saddened to learn about the series of events as a sportswoman.

She wrote in her Tweet that she supports Mesut Ozil for Ozil is absolutely right when he said that racism should not be accepted under any circumstances. Sania Mirza backed Ozil in his fight against racism.

Tragic for Mesut Ozil

Ozil has been a great player for the German national team and was a part of the FIFA World Cup winning squad of 2014. But ever since his picture with the Turkish President has gone viral, he has been largely criticized by people and even the politicians in Germany have questioned his loyalty towards his nation.

Ozil later explained that the picture was completely apolitical and he did not mean to make any political statement through it. 

Saddened by all this Mesut Ozil took to Twitter on Sunday and announced his retirement from the German team. He said that he took pride in playing for the German team but now all his achievements since his debut in 2009 have been forgotten. 

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