Will Rafael Nadal Quit the Tennis to Explore a Career in Racing?

Is Rafael Nadal looking to say goodbye to Tennis and explore a career in racing? The top-ranked tennis star has served a career in professional tennis for 37 years now. Last week he won the French Open for the 11th time.

He now has a total of 79 titles speaking for his legacy! He defeated Dominic Thiem 6-4, 6-3 and 6-2 and won the title for the second time consequently. But is he looking to hang his boots now?

He was spotted at Le Mans 24 and he even stated that he wouldn’t mind trying a career in racing. Well, it would be surprising is the number 1 tennis player would retire from tennis and take to some other sport.

So, racing might be the ultimate retirement plan for the 32-year-old Spanish sensation. If he quits abruptly he would be breaking the countless hearts of his innumerable fans. 

Nadal’s Approach:

Nadal has played 21 matches in just 8 weeks. He then decided to pull out of Queen’s saying his doctors have advised so. The ‘King of Clay’ decided to take some rest after a prolonged clay court season.

He has been a delight to watch all along these years and he has dominated the game with authority. His farewell, whenever it comes will be very disheartening. He has been a legend and will always continue to be one. The game of Tennis will always have a lot to owe to him.

For all his fans and the generations to come he will always be one of the greatest icons in the history of the sport.

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